95.1% AFUE Two Stage, Variable Speed, High Efficiency Gas Furnace

  • Improved Heating Operation: The two-stage heating operation and variable-speed blower result in exceptional performance. These components help reduce noise levels and instances of uneven temperatures while increasing filtration power and a better mix of air.
  • ENERGY STAR Efficient: Particular sizes and matches of this gas furnace heating system qualify for the ENERGY STAR efficiency designation.
  • Pair with the Right Indoor Unit: This gas furnace model is constructed using iSEER® technology. This allows you to boost the cooling efficiency of your 13- or 14-SEER air conditioner or heat pump by up to an additional SEER point.

This gas furnace model, with variable-speed motor technology, improves home comfort and supplies exceptional efficiency. The Maytag® M1200 PGC2TC and PGC2TL offer dependable 95.1% AFUE heating performance backed by an exceptional long parts warranty when the unit is registered. Pair this gas furnace with Maytag® coils and air conditioners or heat pumps for complete heating and cooling comfort. This unit also is compatible with iQ Drive systems — some of the most efficient systems in the HVAC industry.

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95.1% AFUE Two Stage, Fixed Speed, High Efficiency Gas Furnace

  • Two Stages for a More Comfortable Home: Leading units operate in multiple stages. This unit operates in two stages for premium home comfort.
  • Comfortable Temperature at Start-Up: When this powerful furnace starts up, you won’t be greeted by a cold blast of air. This model include a 30-second blower delay for comfortable duct temperatures at furnace start-up.
  • Extend the Life of the Ignitor:SmartStart technology learns the start-up characteristics of the furnace to greatly extend the life of the ignitor.

There are a number of benefits that come with choosing a high-efficiency gas furnace. The MGC2TC and MGC2TL fixed-speed gas furnaces offer 95.1% AFUE heating capabilities provided by two-stage gas valves. High-efficiency performance can result in lower utility bills and increased home comfort.

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